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Education | Toddlers Ages 1-2

Toddlers – 1-2 year old program

Our toddler program builds upon the foundation that was set in our infant program. We continue to foster the development of our children’s physical development, social and emotional health, language and communication, as well as cognitive development.

The milestone that marks the transition from our infant program to our toddler program is the ability to walk independently. This signifies the need for additional stimulation and gross motor skill development. Our young toddlers are excited to discover new ways to move their bodies such as; crawling under the tunnel, dancing and singing during circle time; climbing, riding, running, tossing, catching, and throwing on the playground.

Our teachers develop weekly lesson plans to meet the individual needs of the children in our toddler program. First and foremost, lesson plans establish routines and toddlers find comfort in predicting what comes next in their day. This sense of security allows them to be more inquisitive about their world. As a result, these youngsters use trial and error to demonstrate more complex responses to people and objects.

The Discovery Tree Academy® teachers consistently to model the language of inquiry and discovery. As a first step to developing language and vocabulary, children are taught to verbalize their needs and feelings. Teachers reinforce this by prompting children with a variety of questions to promote communication growth.

In our classrooms you will find a print rich-environment which includes; labels on shelves, creative displays using your child’s name, books to explore, and vocabulary words posted. In addition, children will interact with each other in our discovery centers which include blocks, house-keeping, dramatic play, and creation station.

The partnership between Discovery Tree Academy teachers and our families is crucial to ensuring your child has a positive experience in school. Open and continuous communication is an extremely important practice for our teachers. We provide you a daily report that gives detailed information about your toddler’s day, need for extra supplies and most importantly, how you can reinforce their learning at home. A minimum of two formal parent-teacher conferences are scheduled each year. This harmonious relationship creates an environment where our children blossom into life-long learners.

We encourage and invite you to visit anytime; come see what your child is discovering today!

Winter Break Camp Discovery!

Come see what we are discovering today!

Learning shouldn’t end when school is out! At Camp Discovery, our school-age children spend the summer break exploring the variety of venues our community has to offer! Our students also enjoy working on a variety of summer crafts and other fun activities.

We are open 6:30 am — 6:30 pm.

$150/week—includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and field trip costs.

The Discovery Tree Academy's Camp Discovery!

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