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Pre-K 3 Program

When our 3-year old students begin displaying more complex language skills we transition them to our Pre-K 3 program. Our curriculum continues to build upon the four foundational areas: language, relationships, movement and sensory perception.

An exciting characteristic of 3-year old children is that they become more physically independent and emotionally and socially aware. Building upon the routines established in the earlier programs, the Discovery Tree Academy teachers develop lesson plans that encourage, socialization and problem solving skills.

A vital part of the Pre-K 3 program is the use of our learning centers. In learning centers your child will practice the concepts and information they learned during whole group and small group activities. They will also learn about the importance of friendships, generosity, and honesty.

The Discovery Tree Academy® | Pre-K Writing

In the literacy & writing center I discover…

  • the alphabet
  • familiar words in my environment
  • fine motor skills needed to print
The Discovery Tree Academy® | Pre-K Math

In the math center I discover…

  • the concepts size, color and shape
  • a variety of math manipulatives
  • matching and sorting games
The Discovery Tree Academy® | Pre-K Music

When I am playing in the music and movement center I discover…

  • the difference between fast and slow, loud and soft and one at a time and together by listening music
  • language development, fine motor skills, coordination and developing self-esteem
The Discovery Tree Academy® | Pre-K Science

When I’m in the science center I discover…

  • the natural environment
  • problem solving and questioning skills
  • comparing and measuring
The Discovery Tree Academy® | Pre-K Art

When I’m in the art center I discover…

  • my imagination and creativity
  • risk taking by experimenting with paint, crayons, clay, scissors, paper & glue
  • expressing my feelings and ideas
The Discovery Tree Academy® | Pre-K Block Center

When I’m in the block center I discover…

  • problem solving and planning as I construct
  • fine and gross motor control
  • learning to cooperate with and accept the work of others
The Discovery Tree Academy® | Pre-K Drama Center

When I’m in the dramatic play center I discover…

  • my oral language and social interaction skills as I communicate with others
  • how to express my ideas with words
  • my world as I recreate real-life situations
The Discovery Tree Academy® | Pre-K Book

When I’m in the library center I discover…

  • the joy of reading
  • pictures to read and interpret
  • my reading readiness skills-top to bottom, and left to right

Throughout the Pre-K 3 curriculum the Discovery Tree Academy teachers consistently model the language of inquiry and discovery.

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The partnership between Discovery Tree Academy teachers and our families is crucial to ensuring your child has a positive experience in school. Open and continuous communication is an extremely important practice for our teachers. We provide you a daily report that gives detailed information about your preschooler’s daily, the need for extra supplies and most importantly how you can reinforce their learning at home. A minimum of three formal parent-teacher conferences are scheduled each year. This harmonious relationship creates an environment where our children are highly prepared for kindergarten and blossom into life-long learners.
We encourage and invite you to visit any time; come see what your child is discovering today!

Winter Break Camp Discovery!

Come see what we are discovering today!

Learning shouldn’t end when school is out! At Camp Discovery, our school-age children spend the summer break exploring the variety of venues our community has to offer! Our students also enjoy working on a variety of summer crafts and other fun activities.

We are open 6:30 am — 6:30 pm.

$150/week—includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and field trip costs.

The Discovery Tree Academy's Camp Discovery!

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