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We envision living in a prosperous, healthy and vibrant community that embraces education and the importance of early learning as the foundation for success of our families.

Our mission at The Discovery Tree Academy® is:

Encouraging the why in children.™


Our philosophy is based on cultivating the natural curiosity children have about the world around them. As educators we see this every day, from the infant who is sees a toy across the room and is inspired to crawl, to the two year old who is constantly asking “why?”, to the four year old who wants to assemble the train set “all by myself.” What sets The Discovery Tree Academy® apart is the strategic infusion of this philosophy of inquiry and discovery in the curriculum from infants to VPK.

Our classroom environments are characterized by love, laughter, harmony, patience, honesty, trust, and friendship. This creates a community where children know their curiosity is celebrated and encouraged. The teachers begin developing a language of inquiry and discovery in the infant classrooms. As the children grow through our program, the language of inquiry becomes second nature.

Academic Advisory Board

The Discovery Tree Academy® has an Academic Advisory Board who helps to implement our philosophy into what we do each and every day. The Academic Advisory Board is responsible for integrating our philosophy and mission into the curriculum that is taught from infants to VPK.

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Our School Day Transportation Nutrition
7629 Old Middleburg Road • Jacksonville, FL 32222

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Our School Day Transportation Nutrition
3232 San Pablo Road • Jacksonville, FL 32224

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